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Project Gallery

Recent Projects (latest activity)

POSITx - Portable Open Source Information Tool: eXtensibile(Fall 2012). In Summer 2011 we began revising POSIT's architecture to use a plugin design for it to be rapidly customizable.

  • POSIT-Haiti (Summer 2012)- Mobile based beneficiary registration and monitoring system to support a food distribution program in Haiti for ACDI/VOCA.
  • POSITx-Commodity Tracker (Summer 2012)- application to gather food pricing data from rural markets for food security program.
  • POSITx-UCOSP (Spring 2012) Various plugins and functionality from barcode readers to enhanced mapping capabilities developed by Canada Undergraduate Capstone Projects (UCOSP) students for POSITx.

AppInventor Curricular Project (Spring 2012) Working closely with MIT’s Center for Mobile Learning and the College Boards Computer Science Principles project we are designing mobile computing curriculum for high school and undergraduate students, based on App Inventor for Android platform.

  • CPSC 110 (Spring 2012)- Computing with mobile phones.
  • I'll Write That App For You program (Spring 2012) - Mobile computing after school program for highschool students, hosted at TrinfoCafe.

Projects we’ve contributed to (latest activity)

GNOME Accessibility Project helps disabled users use a keyboard and mouse and helps deaf users perceive audio events.

  • MouseTrap (Fall 2009)- library to make GNOME applications more accessible to deaf users
  • VizAudio (Summer 2009)- application that controls mouse movements with a webcam and head tracking
  • Dasher (Summer 2010 -Wesleyan) - training application for text input interface.

InSTEDD Evolve uses machine learning to sift through news articles from around the world and identify disease outbreaks as they happen.

  • ALPACA (Summer 2008):Light Parsing And Classifying Application
  • Evolve (Summer 2009) -Disease Ontology prediction

OpenMRS is an open source medical records system deployed in several developing countries. HFOSS contributions include a notes system and touchscreen keyboard support.

Sahana helps governments and non-governmental agencies coordinate relief work in a disaster situation. HFOSS contributions include a volunteer tracking system and a credential tracking system.

Projects we’ve started

Portable Open Search and Identification Tool (Fall 2010) helps rescue workers coordinate and keep track of finds such as victims or dangerous areas in a disaster situation.

Collabbit (Summer 2010) helps relief agencies coordinate their efforts during a disaster situation. Used by New York City Red Cross in Summer 2010 to coordinate a large scale disater exercise.

RMH Homebase (Spring 2009) helps the Ronald McDonald House in Portland, Maine schedule volunteers. Developed by the Bowdoin College HFOSS chapter.


AppTrac (Summer 2010) helps manage the adult literacy labs at the Hartford Public Library.

Work it Off! (Summer 2010) is an open source game for Android phones that teaches children, in a fun and interactive way,  the correlation between calories they eat and calories they burn.  The program was entered in the Apps for Healthy Kids contest.

VMOSS (Fall 2009)(Volunteer Management Open Source Software): is a standalone volunteer management system, providing volunteer and project registration, monitoring, and reporting functionality. It was originally developed as part of the Sahana (LAMP) System.

Autotouch (Spring 2008)(Touchscreen Toolkit): is an API that will convert web-based applications to function on a touchscreen.

HLearn Screening & Placement Tool, (Spring 2009) for the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving’s Adult Literacy Project, helps instructors place students in adult literacy classes.

Interactive Scheduling Calendar for Darien EMS (Fall 2008) helps EMS volunteers in Darien, CT schedule shifts, replacing a paper process.