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Financial Sponsors

Software Development Grant,  Tracking Beneficiary Registrations and Updates for ACDI/VOCA-Haiti, Awarded May, 2011, $54,574.


The National Science Foundation awarded a $496,429 (2007-2009), 800'000 (2009-2011) CPATH grant s to Trinity, Wesleyan, and Connecticut College to support our collaborative effort to build an educational community of scholars, humanitarians, and IT professionals committed to using H-FOSS to help revitalize undergraduate computing education.


Google’s Open Source Programs Office provided $20,000 to support outreach, $5,000 for HFOSS 2010/11 Symposium and 16 Google Android Developer phones to support the POSIT development project.

IBM Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs provided $5000 donation to support HFOSS Project outreach efforts.



The AidMatrix Foundation provided $17,500 to support five student interns for the 2007 Summer H-FOSS Institute at Trinity College.

In addition to in-kind support, Trinity College's IT department funded our 2006 summer research intern.