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This page contains links to projects that have similar goals and objectives to ours: was set up in March 2009 to serve as a neutral collaboration point for people involved in Teaching Open Source.

Project:Possibility is a nonprofit, community service project committed to creating open source software for persons with disabilities.

Computing 4 Good (C4G) centers on the use of computing as a platform for improving the human condition. It is a series of course at Georgia Tech.

Socially Relevant Computing (SRC) program created by researchers at Univerisity at Buffalo, Rice University and Microsoft Research is focused on the use of computation to solve problems that students are most passionate about.

The Community Software Lab (CSL) provides free Internet hosting and low-cost custom web-based software development to non profit organizations. CSL is based in Lowel, MA and affiliated with UMASS-Lowell.

Nonprofit Open Source Initiative (NOSI) is an organization that was started to facilitate and encourage the use of free open source software in the nonprofit sector.

Repository for Open Software Education (ROSE) is a repository of "education-friendly" Open Source projects.

The Open Source Definition (Annotated) doesn't just mean access to the source code.


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