[HFOSS summer 2012 internships are not available]

The Humanitarian FOSS (HFOSS) Project offers summer internships for undergraduate computing students as part of the annual HFOSS Summer Institute. The program is open students who are currently enrolled in American (US) academic institutions and who want to get involved in building free and open source software for use by humanitarian organizations. Institute participants will learn the fundamentals of FOSS development by contributing to open-source projects, and will typically work in teams of 2-3 with mentoring by computer science faculty and advisers from the open source community.

HFOSS Summer 2010 Institute Students and Faculty Mentors after Final Presentations

For the 2011 HFOSS Summer Institute there were approximately fifteen (15) undergraduate internships distributed among the three participating campuses: Trinity College in Hartford, CT, Wesleyan University in Middletown CT, and Connecticut College in New London CT. The 10-week Institute ran from late May to late July -- the exact dates may vary slightly from campus to campus. The internships come with a $4000 stipend and include on-campus housing for the duration.

We seek students with a strong interest in helping build software that benefits the community while at the same time furthering their own computing skills. Although there is no minimum requirement for an internship, an introductory course in computer science plus a working knowledge of some programming language is desirable. Particular development projects may have additional requirements.

Before filling out an application form, please review the 2011 HFOSS project list. The application requires you to specify your preferred project(s) and campus(es).

2011 HFOSS Project List (Project Name@Home Institution)


New projects are always in the works so the above list is subject to change. Students should be willing to be flexible in terms of their preferences.

Eligibility: HFOSS internships are open to US citizens, permanent residence or international students who have work authorization(OPT). Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in the US. 



Projects Contributed to in Previous years:






Sampling of Internship testimonials:

All the development teams projected a warm home-like feeling, and learning from others really brought a new perspective to the field of Computer Science for me”

“We all learned the basics of a flow of development, but at a much faster pace. To actually work on a project that was going to be used in the real world was quite motivating and inspiring, creating an experience I had not found anywhere else”

“The best part was how well we all got along and the flexibility of working hours. I'm satisfied with the work we did. For a first shot at a ‘real’ application, I think we did a pretty OK job”

“Because my main goal in life is to help disadvantaged persons, and I was curious at how software development can factor into that dream”

“Open source development allows for experience that can usually only be gained in the industry, and this experience is hard to come by as an undergrad”

"I've already learned more than I could've ever imagined”

For more information, contact Trishan De Lanerolle (trishan.delanerolle@trincoll.edu) or Ralph Morelli (ralph.morelli@trincoll.edu).

General Inquires : internship@hfoss.org