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HFOSS Symposia

Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS) Symposia series

From 2009 to 2011 the HFOSS Project, organized and hosted day long symposia to bring together educators, FOSS practitioners, and curriculum designers to discuss successful strategies for incorporating FOSS, as an object of study, into the undergraduate curriculum and share knowledge and experiences. The events were held as SIGCSE Pre-conference activities. Discussions started at this events have continued at other venues, including SIGCSE and CCSCNE regional conferences.

Integrating FOSS into the Undergraduate Computing Curriculum , March 9th 2011, Dallas, Texas.

Growing the HFOSS Community, March 10th, 2010, Milwaukee, WI.

Think FOSS, Act Locally: HFOSS in the Local Community                                      , March 4th 2009, Chattanooga TN.

Each annual symposium built on previous years event, with the overall goal of bringing together educators, software developers, industry representatives, in an open forum. The symposia were highly interactive, taking place entirely in plenary session.  In addition to the keynote address by a Keynote Speaker,  the symposium included a poster session, and panels organized around thematic topcs, made up of invited and participated speakers from industry, academia, and the non-profit sectors.  Humanitarian FOSS (HFOSS) is free and open source software that contributes in some way to the public good.

The Symposia have received sponsorship and support from NSF CPATH program, Google and SIGCSE.